A 3-Fold, Integrated, Interwoven Scheme of Activity for

Young People Aged 5 - 18

Who is ASC for?

Who is ASC for?

Young people aged 8 to 14+ and their leaders.

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What do people say about us?

What do people say about us?

Comments on the ASC scheme in practice.

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Scheme Materials

Scheme Materials

All you need to operate the ASC scheme.

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The Fundamentals of the Scheme

The Scheme enables children and young people to engage in new aventures, volunteering experiences and to challenge themselves to try as best as they can:

  1. To see life as an adventure and balance that adventure with their responsibilities.
  2. To journey into faith and self-belief.
  3. To help others through understanding people's needs and taking up volunteering opportunities.
  4. To accept and be equipped to face any challenges that life may present to them.

The Approach to the Scheme

For young people to work in partnership with trusted adults so they can learn together, participate in a variety of activities and make decisions together whilst having lots of fun and enjoyment.

My son really enjoyed his time with ASC. He made lots of friends and the instructors were fun.

Happy parent, UK

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