Do I need special training to run an ASC group?

No. Anyone qualified to run a youth group would be capable of operating the ASC scheme. However, you may well wish to bring in local expert assistance to deal with areas where you are not qualified, "First Aid" for example, if you are not a qualified First Aider.

How much does it cost to begin using ASC?

There is no registration fee to join, or annual fee to use Adventure Service Challenge. However, you will need a Leader's Handbook and a Record Card of the relevant Stage for each participant. For a current price list/order form, send for an Information Pack.

Many items are free or downloadable from the new website. Some items may be ordered in bulk with suitable reductions but not including the Handbook currently only available in hard-copy.

Must young people stop using ASC when they reach age 15?

No. The ages stated for the various Stages of Adventure Service Challenge merely indicate the 'target' age, if more time is needed to finish a Stage, take it. There are no set age limits; as an example, ASC Junior Stages have been used successfully by a special needs adult group.

Are the target requirements for the various activities "absolutes"?

No, they are those we believe to be suitable in an 'average' situation. Adventure Service Challenge is intended to be very flexible, and can be 'tailored' by the leader as appropriate given the freedoms and limitations of the young people concerned and their local environment. It is up to the leader to set targets, on an individual participant basis if necessary, which fully stretch the young people but give them attainable goals - if they accept the challenge of ASC. The ASC Scheme has been (and is) very successfully used by Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) groups.

Is the ASC scheme part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award?

No, it is a totally separate award and organisation.

What is the "Shield" activity about?

We cannot give a short answer to this one, so there is a special page on this subject.

I am experiencing difficulty in extracting the Information Pack using the .zip file you sent me in an e-mail. How do I open the Information Pack Zip File correctly?

We are sorry that this is so tricky for some who request this option from the website. We currently have to send a link to the .zip file in an e-mail at the moment. We hope to have a 'fix' in the near future. In the meantime, try the following:

Please follow the instructions below:
1. Download your Adventure Service Challenge Scheme information pack here.
2. Extract the files from the zip file.
3. Click on the file called index.html

4. You should see the 'homepage' of the CD

5. Click on the 'Open CD' yellow box


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