Bursary Scheme

Is lack of funding your main problem?

The ASC scheme organisation realises that for some potential Adventure Service Challenge groups, even the low costs of procuring ASC materials is a disincentive to taking up the Scheme.

We are therefore pleased to announce that ASC have been given a donation to enable us to provide a small bursary to cash-starved new ASC groups to enable them to purchase a starter set of materials.

Anyone intending to start an ASC group where start-up costs are a major factor may apply in writing to the General Secretary (see Contact Us) explaining the reasons why a bursary should be awarded to them. It must be stressed that a bursary may not be granted in every case, but each request will be considered by the ASC scheme on its merits.

Any individual or organisation granted such a bursary may submit an order for any mix of Record Cards, Certificates and Badges to a value of £40 (€45.20) and pay a total of only £5.00 (€5.65) - towards the cost of postage and packing (the gift which is funding the bursary was specifically stated to be in aid of the purchase price of materials and may not be used to cover post & packing). Exchange rates apply at the time of ordering.


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