Consequent on the transfer of operational control of Adventure Service Challenge from the ASC Scheme charity to Above and Beyond CIC, all communications in regard to Adventure Service Challenge, enquiries, orders for ASC materials, advice on use of the scheme, etc. should be sent to:

Above and Beyond CIC, PO Box 10497, Loughborough, LE11 9JA

Telephone: 0845 2268 074 | E-mail:

The half-price offer of ASC Scheme charity materials is now closed, as is the online purchase route through this website. Please refer direct to Above and Beyond CIC for the availbility and price of materials.

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Leaders Handbook

The Leaders’ Handbook provides all the information needed to operate the Scheme at any of its four stages, so that anyone with general experience of working with young people should be able to make use of the opportunities it offers to provide a stimulating and absorbing structured yet flexible programme of activities for those in their care.

If you would like to see something different or new ideas which we might support, please use the contact form to let us know.

(NEW!) The handbook is currently only available in hard copy. We are looking into providing this on-line. Please let us know how much your group would be prepared to pay for this comprehensive document on-line including copying rights for some pages.

We suggest the following:

£25 / £50 / other

Please use the contact form to respond on this issue.