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Scheme Materials

You can purchase all of the materials you need to operate the ASC scheme from us. Full details of the recommended activities for each of the 4 stages, together with guidance on the operation of Adventure Service Challenge, are contained in the Leader's Handbook. Every user (or user group) will require one of these.

Record cards for each stage are available for those taking part. The cards give an outline of what is required for the activities of that particular stage and allow each one to be "signed off" when completed. Red/yellow cards indicate the 2 Junior Stages and blue/green the Senior. For the 2 Junior Stages, there are also sheets of stickers for each of the 8 activities and a mounting sheet. These allow the young people to have something they can keep at home to record their progress through each ASC stage.

There is a Certificate for each of the 4 stages. These are available for presentation to those taking part, when they have successfully completed the activities for that stage. They are coloured to match the record cards and serve as permanent record of the young person's achievement.

Also available are high-quality enamelled metal badges for Junior Stages (bronze) and Senior Stages (silver), which may be used either to indicate membership of the scheme, or as a presentation item on completion of both stages of either Junior or Senior ASC as appropriate.


Metal Badge - Senior Stage

A metal lapel badge is available for those undertaking the Senior Stages of ASC.